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2016 Speakers Include:

Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
Gregory Radabaugh
Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
Australian DoD
Brigadier General Dan Fortune
Director General Military Information Effects
Australian DoD
HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
Colonel John Harris
Deputy Chief, Joint Fires and Influence
HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
Special Operations Command Africa
Lieutenant Colonel John Wishart
J39 CA Planner
Special Operations Command Africa
National Counter Terrorism Center
Abby Johnson
Directorate of Strategic Operational Planning
National Counter Terrorism Center
US State Department
Haroon Ullah
Senior Adviser to the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
US State Department
Active Change Foundation
Hanif Qadir
Active Change Foundation
Qulliam Foundation
Jonathan Russell
Head of Policy
Qulliam Foundation

Countering radicalisation and the spread of extremism through influence activity

The last 12 months have seen a significant resurgence in the threat posed by violent extremism; A range of high profile attacks throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East have shocked and appalled the world. Given the influence and appeal violent extremist organisations have generated through their communication activity, evidenced by the continued  flow of foreign fighters to the Levant and independent IS-inspired atrocities, it is imperative that government and security agencies analyse what can be done to better counter the messaging of radical groups and replace it with our own, positive narrative.

Defence IQ is delighted to announce the return of Information Operations: Countering Violent Extremism 2016, hosted in London on the 15th and 16th June. The symposium will once again bring together communication professionals and government agencies from around the world to discuss the successes, failures, and novel methods for communicating against the lure of extremism. The event will be separated into four key themes, which will structure the discussion and take-aways from the event. These are:

  • Creating positive counter messaging – exploring the fundamentals of success and the role of negative communications

  • Identifying and influencing the influences – methodologies, rhetoric and common challenges

  • Reducing the recruitment pool of home-grown radicals – “target hardening” vulnerable communities

  • Leveraging open source intelligence to greater effect – analysis, toolsets and regional sensitivities

Continuing to provide key case studies in target audience analysis, digital outreach, measurement of effect,  CVE 2016 is a must attend symposium for anyone involved in any facet of countering violent extremism. From open source intelligence analysis and community engagement through to social messaging and audience targeting, Countering Violent Extremism 2016 will provide you with the most concise and effective way to learn from, and engage with, the thought leaders in your field.

What others think of our IO series:

"This year has actually been a step-change better than the last few I've attended... What we've covered has been a wide-ranging and most interesting."Lt Col James Hancock, JIOTAT
"The Conference was outstanding! Most of the topics were relevant to my job and the speakers were world class. The combination of speakers and the ability to meet and "network" with our international partners allowed me to gain months worth of knowledge and experience in just 4 days."Scott Wetzel, USAF
"It was well balanced. This conference is always valuable as it is a unique forum in which to learn how IO is doing and where we are heading."Deputy Director, PsyOps, Canadian Forces
"Must attend event for IO practitioners to stay abreast, learn new and share own knowledge/application. I have 13 years of US Army experience, multiple combat tours and have written extensively on IO but I was very satisfied with what I learned. Even experienced IO practitioners need to refresh their skills and knowledge."Norman Emery

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